Autobiography of Lauren Frank

Lauren Frank’s Autobiography

Birth Statisitics

I am a swimmer and have swam year round since I was 7 years old. I have a accomplished a lot so far including making the North Carolina Zone team twice, being in the top 8 at least in one event every year in the state, making select camp every year since I was 12, and getting 2 Junior National times. While swimming is a big part of my life, school is equally as important and I make sure that my grades stay up in order to get into a good college. My goal is to get at least three fourths of a scholarship to a division 2 school.

My Favorite Websites

Likes Dislikes
Music Spanish
Watching Football Geometry
Boys (Justin) When people don't text me back

1. Go to Nationals
2. Get a scholorship to ECU
3. Graduate from college
4. Get a well paying job
5. Own a dog
6. Move to Europe
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